Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the KiddieCare Company


Agreement The baby-sitting agreement between the Parent, the Company and the Babysitter
Baby-sitting Caring for, bringing up, and contributing to the development of children
Commencement Date The stipulated date and time when baby-sitting commences
Babysitter The individual responsible for carrying out the agreement 
Hotel/Guest Accommodation The premises that the parent is staying at 
Minor The individual who is subjected to the baby-sitting and is under 18 years of age
Parent The relation by blood or affinity in the ascending line or foster parent of the child that the babysitting is related to 
Parties The Company, the Parent and the Babysitter
Company Natural or legal person operating the business, also known as KiddieCare
Written (in Writing) Written is also understood as ‘electronically’ unless the law opposes the same


Clause I – Applicability 

I. These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to the conclusion and implementation of the agreement. 

II. The agreement is concluded between the company, the parent and the babysitter.


Clause II – Relevant Information

I. The parent agrees to read this document containing Terms and Conditions in its entirely and accepts them wholly.

II. The babysitter agrees to read this document containing Terms and Conditions in its entirely and accepts them wholly.


Clause III – Responsibilities of babysitter

I. Uphold the highest level of safety and well-being of the minor.

II. Providing a nurturing and engaging environment. 

III. Supervise the minor’s activities at all times. 

IV. The babysitter agrees to be physically present at all times around the minors and supervise any activity therein. 

V. When the service takes place in a hotel, the babysitter is responsible to present themselves at reception (wearing the assigned KiddieCare uniform and carrying required documents with them).  Informing the reception staff about the start and the end of the service.

VI. The babysitter will follow all the protocols set out by the hotel, including the Covid-19 protocol.

VII. The babysitter may take the minor outside in the gardens but only limited to the hotel’s/ guest accommodation’s premises  for the purpose of playing. 

VIII. The Babysitter will not leave the agreed premises under any circumstances unless the same has been pre-authorized by the parent by signing a consent form. The babysitter may have to leave the premises in case of an emergency but will only follow the emergency protocol of the hotel in such circumstances.

IX. The babysitter will not drive the minor anywhere in a vehicle.  The babysitter is authorised to use public transport or taxi services, if pre-authorized by the parent by signing a consent form.

X. If the parent has taken an evening booking,  the babysitter may take the minor for dinner at the hotel restaurant. 

XI. If the parent has taken an evening booking,  the babysitter may carry out the night routine of the minors, including but not limited to bath time, storytime, changing into pyjamas and anything additional required of the minor. 

XII. The babysitter will not be responsible for cleaning,  running errands,  making deliveries, administering medication,  or supervising the medication of the minor. 

XIII. The babysitter will not let anyone enter the premises of the hotel unless the same has been pre-authorized by the parent. 

XIV. The babysitter will not carry out a service for anyone other than the parent who is in agreement with the company. 

XV. The babysitter adheres to the rule that all client information is strictly confidential.

XVI. The babysitter has no right to take any photographs from the children, except upon request from the parents and only shared in the WhatsApp group and immediately removed from their own device.


Clause IV – Responsibilities of the Parent

I. The parent will ensure that the babysitter is in possession of all relevant information that is of utmost necessity in order to carry out the service such as special needs or allergies of the minor. 

II. The parent will communicate all requirements and expectations of the babysitter clearly and concisely. 

III. The parent will inform the company if the minor is unwell as the babysitter will not be responsible for administering any medication. 

IV. The parent will be responsible for obtaining permission from the hotel to allow the babysitter to use facilities and/or purchase a day pass. 

Clause V – Booking and Cancellation

I. We have a minimum of 3hours/ service. The babysitter is allowed to take care of max 3 children from the same family (only 1 child under the age of 2 to be included in this). * There can be exceptions. 

II. If the babysitter arrives and is unable to provide their service to the minor because of an illness or special needs,  which were not communicated prior to arrival, or failure of compliance with the above paragraph –  the service will be canceled and the parent will be billed in full for the same. 

III. The parent may modify or change the date and time of the service by contacting the company directly by email or telephone promptly. 

IV. The company is not bound to honor any special requests of the parents.  

V. If the parent cancels the booking more than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the commencement of the service, they will receive a 50% refund of the total cost of the booking. (* Multiple day bookings are 1 booking.)  *Minus 10% booking fee (calculated on the total cost of the booking), and applicable payment processing fees. 

VI. If the parent cancels the booking within forty-eight (48) hours prior to the commencement of the service, there will be no refund. (Multiple day bookings are 1 booking.)

VII. If KiddieCare has to cancel a babysitter for any particular reason, and is not able to fulfill the service with another babysitter from the company, the client will receive a full refund.


Clause VI – Service

I. The minimum duration of the service will be three (03) hours. 

II. The parent is responsible for complying with the schedule of the service. 

III. The service will begin on the pre-decided date and time and the parent is responsible for ensuring that the minor is available on said time. 

IV. If the parent is late for the service, the time duration that they are late will be added at the end of the pre-decided duration of service. 

V. The service will end at the pre-decided time. 

VI. The parent may request for an extension of the duration of the service by making use of the WhatsApp chat group but the same must be done at least one (01) hour before the service ends. 

VII. If the request for an extension of the duration of service is accepted, the parent is responsible for additional payment immediately in order to confirm the extension. 

VIII. The company is not responsible if they are unable to honor a request for an extension of time. 


Clause VII – Pricing and payments

I. The company only deals in online payment and the link for the same will be shared with the parent at the time of booking. 

II. In order to confirm the booking, the following must be done;

a. Payment must be made in full.

b. Terms and conditions of the service must be accepted. 

c. Any additional disclaimers must be signed by the parent. 


Clause VIII – Privacy Policy

I. This website guarantees to protect the personal information of the user. 

II. The data entered by the user or in the case of requiring a validation of orders will not be delivered to third parties unless it must be disclosed in compliance with a court order or legal requirements.

III. All data provided to and/or gathered by the company of the parent is confidential and will be held in strict confidence by the company and the babysitter. 


Clause IX – COVID-19

I. It is the company’s top priority to protect the safety and well-being of the parent, the babysitter , and the minors against COVID-19. 

II. The babysitter is responsible for adhering to all COVID safety protocols. 

III. COVID-19 is not covered by the company’s insurance policy and therefore the parent is responsible for signing a disclaimer to waive off any liability to that effect. 


Clause X- Booking

I. The service can be booked online at www.kiddiecarelanzarote.com, and payment can be made by way of a link provided to the parent.

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