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When should i book my babysitter?

It is always a good idea to book your reservation with as much notice as possible. Booking a babysitter with at least 24 hours notice is suggested. last-minute reservations are based on availability.

How can i Reserve a babysitter?

You can reserve a babysitter by filling out the booking form, email , call or whatsapp KiddieCare Lanzarote directly

How long in advance can we book a babysitter?

You can book a nanny at any given moment!

Can i request the same babysitter everytime?
It is always our preference to book the same babysitter. Please provide all of the dates and times with as much notice as possible so that the same babysitter can be arranged. We will do our best to choose a babysitter that generally has availability during those times however, we can never guarantee that the same babysitter will always be available.
What if i have a last minute request?
We are able to accommodate most last-minute requests. We can usually have a babysitter to your home, hotel or event within the hour. There is a different rate booking a babysitter at the last minute. All last minute requests are fielded by phone.
Do i allways need to book the babysitter through KiddieCare?
Reservations must be booked directly with KiddieCare. The babysitters are under a non-negotiable contract and they will not work for any client (or third party) outside of the KiddieCare Company.The babysitters respect their jobs, commitments, and agreements and we hope you will too.
How do i pay for the service ?

Once you filled in the booking form you will receive an email where you can confirm your booking by paying a 30% deposit of the booked Service. Deposits are not transferrable. At the end of the service your Babysitter will give you a form to complete and you will pay the rest off the amount or/and additional hours directly to the babysitter.

*Every started hour is a full hour that has to be paid